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The end-to-end management platform for your work

Budgets Brickup




Trabalhador da construção civil está sorrindo, usando EPI e sentando em frente a um notebook

Integration and traceability in the construct execution

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Advantages of the solution BrickUp budgets


CalculationFast It isNecessary of your Budgets


Integrated to the Daily Works Report 100% Free!


Own bases and SINAPI in the same budget


Time savings + increased productivity = more customers


CurveABC, Paretoand reportsautomatic


secure storage and access fromanywhere



ABC curveand Pareto inputs for data analysis

support andunlimited training to help with your needs


of reports

Control the execution of your budgets with theConstruction Diary

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Foto de Pedro Nery, Ceo da PHD Engenharia

Communication between sectors is very advantageous, from the person in the field to someone in the planning department.


This fluidity and transparency that Brickup makes possible is essential!"

Pedro Nery

CEO of PHD Engineering

your budgets

on another level


Budgets unlimited


Easy to use

Consultations with SINAPI unlimited

Count on our experts

Save time. focus on what matters

Trabalhador da construção civil, usando EPI e sentando em frente a um notebook
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The end-to-end management platform for your work

  • Is the platform an ERP?
    Brickup Contractor is a construction management system focused on integration and connectivity between construction sites and offices. We don't have all the resources available that an ERP has and neither is the focus at the moment. We want to help you improve your profit margin and communication with your construction site, and that's it!
  • How long does it take to start using it?
    It takes between 1 and 15 days and that depends much more on the construct company than on the Brickup. It is ideal that initial configurations and registrations are made to improve the experience of the user who is starting, but nothing prevents him from starting to use it on the same day of signing the contract and the configurations being done in parallel. So if you're looking to generate value fast, your place is here.
  • Will I have training?
    Yes. We always seek to schedule 1, 2 or 3 training sessions with strategic people or groups of people at the beginning of use to speed up learning. If you need further training along your journey our team will be there for you!
  • How does it work to integrate with my ERP?
    When we talk about integration, each case can be different. We need to make sure that ERP will be available for this integration as well. On the Brickup side you have this guarantee. Our integrations use API and we have a team to do this integration, if you prefer.
  • What are the forms of payment?
    We always prefer prepayment in the annual contract via PIX or bank slip and we even encourage this way with an aggressive discount. Now if it's better for you, we also have the option of monthly payments via PIX or bank slip.

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